Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend - Lion King 3-D & More

Happy Weekend!

There's lots going on this weekend.

First up, the Lion King is being re-released on the big screen in 3-D. I saw a sneak peak of this at a Regal movie theater. They had this really great ad that showed the movie full screen and then the image shrank and shrank and shrank until it only took up about 1/30th of the sccreen. Then the tag line was: Go big or Go home.

And the ad really hit home because the Lion King is such a lush, beautiful movie, it should be seen on the big screen whenever possible. So, if you haven't seen the Lion King in a while, definitely go. I had forgotten what a powerful film it was. And my children loved seeing it on the big screen. The day we saw it, it was gloomy like it was going to rain and my daughter wanted to bring her umbrella into the theater. I told her to leave it in the car. Well, towards the end, it starts to rain-- in 3D, so my daughter looks at me all pouty and says, "I told you I needed my umbrella." so, the 3-D was a hit too.

Now, other things happening this weekend include the Maryland Honey Harvest Festival, where you can learn all about honey: how it's made, how to extract it, everything. Also, there's the FREE Family Festival at the National Building Museum. There's also Ports Town Days down at the Bladensburg waterfront. All that and more are on the calendar.

It will be an interesting weekend at my house as my husband is going out of town this weekend, and we're all looking forward to it! My husband hates butter and cheese (I know, how could he? But he does!). Anyway, we're going to make grilled cheeses, Rice Krispy treats, macaroni and cheese, and everything else cheesy and buttery.

I'm out. Have a great weekend.

-Hyattsville Mom

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