Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend

It's Friday! Woo hoo! Long weekend -- Double Woo Hoo!

I hope you guys are all in for a fun, yet relaxing weekend. There are lots of things to do this weekend. In honor of labor day, I suppose you could labor. Nah! Don't do that.

Actually, there's the Greenbelt Labor Day Festival, which is lots of fun and FREE to attend.  Carnival rides cost extra, but if you're quick, you can still pick up an all-you-can-ride wristband for just $10 before noon today. Otherwise, the wristbands double in price if you buy them after the festival starts. But, if you don't like rides, the festival also has art shows, a beauty pageant and a bevy of other fun activities.

If you're into adventure, there are Kayaking lessons at the Bladensburg Waterfront Park.  And just after this weekend -- Tuesday-- there's even fun for your dogs! That's right, your dogs. The Ellen Linson swimming pool in College Park is having its "Doggie Dive-In" where your dog can enjoy some fun in the pool.

All these activities and more are listed on the calendar.

Have a great weekend.

-Hyattsville Mom

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