Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Cuts ... Some are Head Scratchers!

School is finally back in swing and going strong without interruptions by earthquakes, hurricanes and even holiday celebrations.

The other day at my kids' school was picture day. And the picture day packet said you didn't have to send in money, but kids who did would get their pictures back first. Everyone else would get a proof and could order from that. Imagine my surprise when my kids told me they weren't photographed at all.

When I went in to inquire about it today, I was told they weren't photographed because the school isn't doing a yearbook this year. Huh?

Yeah! They said they "lost money" on the yearbook in years past and weren't going to do it this year. Huh? I'm not sure how one loses money on a yearbook, as they charge parents when they order them. 

Yearbooks are an important records of what a school is like. And not to do one, to me seems very strange, particularly, when parents are the ones who ultimately pay for the finished product. I can't imagine they can't raise the price slightly to recoup costs. This one has left me scratching my head.

I know that in these times of tough budgets, schools have to figure out places to cut. But this one seems so strange. Yearbooks aren't just for that year's students. They're a living record of the school that researchers, historians and future students use to look back.   What an awful thing to cut.

-Hyattsville Mom

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