Friday, October 7, 2011

Plan Ahead for the Kids Euro Festival!

Happy weekend, all!

Normally, when I do a weekend post, I talk about things happening this weekend. Well, today I'll depart from that and talk about some things that are going to be going on over the next few weekends. What I'm talking about is the Kids Euro Festival.

Never heard of it? Neither had I 'til recently. I was doing the calendar the other day, and saw a couple of events at the PG County libraries that were listed as part of the Kids Euro Festival. So, I went to read about it and learned it's basically a bunch of free events (200+) all over the metro DC area that expose kids to European culture.  It's backed by the European Union and tons of embassies are participating.

The festival events start Oct. 14 and run through Nov. 10. So, why do I tell you about this today? Because even though all the events are free, some require reservations and the reservations are selling out. There's a clown group called Pip & Tout that will be performing at the Publick Playhouse on Oct. 23rd at 2 pm and, while FREE, they require reservations. Like I mentioned earlier, the PG County library will be hosting several programs.  If you want a full schedule, check out the Kids Euro Festival website. Be sure to reserve anything you want to attend.

Now, on to the current weekend. There's plenty of exciting stuff to do around here. Right here in Hyattsville, there's a kids' bike ride tomorrow morning (you need to reserve a spot, though), and a free string-quartet concert on Sunday in Laurel (again, you need a reservation).  If you don't feel like reserving a spot, you can head down to the National Harbor development and attend the Hispanic Heritage festival, or go over to the Surratt House Museum for some great civil war programs. All these items are on the calendar. Check it out if you need something to do.

That's it for today.

Hyattsville Mom.

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