Thursday, October 20, 2011

An Interesting View on Cool...

Bonjour all (as we're in the heart of the KidsEuro Festival, which showcases European countries)!

Hope all is well with you.  For some reason, we're in the heart of birthday party season for my son's friends. Three parties in the next two weeks! We were out shopping last night and my son picked up a package of Mighty Beanz as a possible gift suggestion.

If you are not familiar with Mighty Beanz, they are bean shaped toys that wobble. They have are painted like monsters or animals or characters (Star Wars' Luke or singer Elvis Presley). The manufacturer says you can race them and that they perform "amazing tricks." A friend of my sons gave him one, and I have yet to see it do anything amazing, unless you include wobbling as an amazing task. I haven't any clue what is so wonderful about the Mighty Beanz, but the kids do seem to like them.

So, getting back to my story, I tell my son, Mighty Beanz are a possibility. Then I look at the price tag. A pack of THREE (yes, 3) Mighty Beanz costs $13.69. Now each of these beanz is about the size of the tip of my thumb.  I ask my son, "Wow, why are they so expensive?"  His response, "Because they're cool."

Hmm? Well, I had to explain to my son if he equates cool with expensive, then he's never going to be cool while living in our household.  But, that was certainly an interesting take on cool.

That's it for today. Be sure to catch the blog tomorrow, because I'll have lots of fun Halloween activities in the area!

-Hyattsville Mom

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