Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Tuesday: Molly Lou Melon

This is a book I heard about on a blog. Someone mentioned they were getting it as a gift for a niece. So, I went to the library and checked it out, and later I bought it.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon is a picture book about a short, buck-teethed girl who doesn't let teasing or her height challenges stand in her way.  Throughout the book, her grandmother gives her wonderful advice that helps her navigate the world and stand proud, despite the meanness of a bully at her new school.

Advice grandma gives, includes: "Walk as proudly as you can and the world will look up to you." It's a wonderful book for kids and adults alike.

The book is written by Patty Lovell and illustrated by David Catrow. Mr. Catrow has illustrated several of my kids' favorites, including I Ain't Gonna Paint No More and I like Myself.

And that's it on the books. FYI, today, kids 12 and under get a free kids meal at Ikea. You don't have to buy a meal there. Just bring your hungry kids.

Have a good rest of your day.

-Hyattsville Mom

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