Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vacation Fun

I'm baaaaack! 

I just returned from vacation. Spent a week in central Illinois, where I grew up.  It was lots of fun seeing family and hanging out. 

However, I'm pooped, so it will be a short post today.

There was one slightly amusing story from the trip. This street lamp (below, left.)

We took a walk through my brother's neighborhood, and as we were walking I noticed how attractive the street lamps were. I mentioned the attractiveness of the streetlamps to both my brother, who owns his house there, and father, who also owns a house in the neighborhood, and they both (at different times) said the exact same thing to me. "They better be attractive for $2,200."   I was like, Wow, that is a lot for lights.  But apparently, my brother and father were on the losing side in the homeowners association vote for whether or not to buy lights. ... But, I found it amusing they both said the exact same thing to me when I mentioned the lights.

Well, hope you guys are having a great week, and enjoying this new cool front that's blown in. 

-Hyattsville Mom

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