Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pretty Food is Evil!

OK, evil is probably too strong a term, but pretty food should not be allowed! It's too tempting to buy and then later discover all that glitters ain't gold.

Isn't it beautiful?!
This week, I saw the most gorgeous pepper at the Mom's Organic Market: purple. Lured in by it's gorgeous color, I put it in my cart and bought it. So enamored of it was I that I posted the pepper's photo on Facebook and e-mailed it to my husband (who is anti-Facebook).  My husband responded to my photo with two text messages.

Text 1: Is it supposed to be purple?
Text 2: If I find you in an unconscious heap on the floor, I'm showing the doctor the picture of the pepper.

Not even a little pretty inside!
Well, the good news is, I am NOT DEAD (as of yet, at least!).  But, the pepper was a bit disappointing. Beauty was only skin deep for this ravishing organic wonder. The inside is a yellowy-white. And unfortunately, the pepper was not slightly sweet and flavorful like orange, red or yellow peppers. It was a bit bitter, more like a green pepper.

Alas, the beautiful food always does me in.

Speaking of beautiful food, I am really looking forward to the opening of the Yes! Organic Market in Hyattsville. I was over there the other day, and the workers inside said it was slated to open Monday, Aug. 29. Just a few short days from now!

I can't wait to have organic fare closer by, and with decent parking. Hopefully, I'll have learned my lesson about pretty food, before the store opens. Though, probably not. I'm a sucker for a pretty pepper.

That's about it. But, before I go, don't forget to check the calendar for interesting events. For example, today, Bowie Sportfit is having an open house, with free swimming, refreshments and moon bounce for the kids. It's open to the public. I'm sure they'll try to sell you on joining the club, but if all you want is a free swim and free refreshments, you can just do that, too.

And that is it for today. Have a good one.

Hyattsville Mom.

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