Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Digital Photo Genie!

I have to detangle these cords before I can get my photos off the camera.
So, as I mentioned earlier, I was on vacation the first week of August, visiting my parents in Illinois.

Now that I'm back, I have the time-consuming task of getting the digital photos off the digital camera and onto my computer as well as backing them up to our backup drives. I was lamenting this on Facebook, when my friend sent me this link:

It's a memory card for your camera that has built in wi-fi. So, instead of grabbing cords or card readers after a trip, owners of this card just  turn on the wireless and shoot all those images over! Talk about easy peasy! My friend got it for a birthday gift and loves it.

This is the first I've heard of it, so I haven't tried it, but I think I may get one. The idea of pressing send and walking away as my camera does the rest sounds really pleasant.

Seeing as I don't have this chip yet, I'm off to detangle my camera/backup drive cords, and then download some photos.

Have a great day!

-Hyattsville Mom

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