Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spy Kids and free food!

It's almost Friday, and my weekend plans include getting ready to see the new Spy Kids film.

For some reason, the kids are quite psyched about this. And because I love spy movies, I can't wait either.

Also, I like Jessica Alba, who plays the mom, and Joel McHale, who plays the dad. My husband likes the show Community, on which McHale stars, so he's looking forward to seeing this likable actor on the big screen (though I think he's looking forward to Alba, too). We're also excited because we'll finally be putting to use the Living Social deals we bought in July (I tweeted about this deal). A theater in Silver Spring was offering 2 tickets PLUS a Medium popcorn for just $10. So, we'll have 4 people, two tubs of popcorn and a great (OK, I've seen the film trailers; so strike great, and insert "action-packed") film for just $20.  Yay! This way beats $32 for a matinee (with popcorn costing extra) you'd regularly pay.

When reading about the new flick, I also learned that IHOP is doing a promotion tied to the film, where kids EAT FREE throughout August. Not sure why spying leads to kids eating free, but, in the end, I don't really care, as you don't look free food atop a gift horse in the mouth.  The fine print requires you to buy an adult meal per free kids meal. But, it's not a bad deal. Read more about the promotion here:

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