Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hot Summer fun with Sharks

Our shark cupcake!
 On Tuesday, the kids and I decided to head to Silver Spring to play in the fountain. And I must say, we had a wonderful time. It's a great fountain, and free. The kids frolicked and kept cool. And I found a shady spot and watched.

Though, I must warn anyone who takes their kids there to take seriously the no running and really enforce it. Two kids fell and smacked their heads on the pavement while running around. Luckily, the injuries seemed minor and the kids were playing again, a few minutes later. But, head injury can be serious.

Since we were in Silver Spring, and not paying for the water fun, I told the kids we could get a cupcake at Cake Love. And in honor of Shark Week (see this post), they had a Shark cupcake special ($2 instead of $3). I got each of the kids one of these yummy shark cupcakes.
You can see here the actual cupcake is blue!
That's it for today. Hope you have  good one.

-Hyattsville Mom

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