Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FREE NASA Afterschool Program for Grades 1-3

Good morning. Hope all is well with everyone out there, and power is restored for those who lost it.

Just wanted to let you know about a free after school program for kids in grades 1-3.  The  I'm an Engineer: NASA's Best After School Students is a 4-Wednesday, hour-and-a-half, program that will focus on science and engineering from a NASA perspective. According to NASA, the program will "examine the basic elements of engineering and include designing and building lunar rovers, rockets, and other NASA-related projects."

The program runs from 4:30 to 6 pm, for the four Wednesdays Sept. 21 - Oct. 12 (Session 1) or the four Wednesdays Oct. 26 - Nov. 16 (Session 2). It's at the NASA Goddard Visitors Center in Greenbelt (8800 Greenbelt Rd.).  Parents are not required to participate, but most stay on-site during each session. To register or for more information about the free program, contact: Catherine Kruchten,, 301-286-0251.

More information is available here: The registration deadline for session one is Sept. 14.

-Hyattsville Mom

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