Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free Movie/Truths of Housekeeping

Just in case you missed my tweet or Facebook post yesterday, the radio station Mix 107.3 is offering free passes to see a FREE screening of The Change Up at  Mazza Gallerie in DC. Just stop by  the McDonalds inside the shopping center and ask for the passes (this is while supplies last, so you might want to call first, if you're not going to already be there). Details are here: http://www.mix1073fm.com/Article.asp?id=2247078&spid=6578.

Now onto today's post topic: Truths of housekeeping.

The kids are home this week-- no camp, no school. This means we can linger and have fun. But, it also means a little more cleaning, as the kids leave a trail of mess in their path.

As I was putting in the time with the cleaning, I realized a couple of truths about housekeeping. These things aren't always true, but they're often true.

(1) The things I find when emptying pants pockets before throwing them into the washing machine are usually good. (Money tops the list: crumpled up bills are the best, followed by coins, then things I'm glad didn't make it into the washer, like used Kleenex and food).
(2) The things  I find in the very back of the refrigerator are usually bad (they're too gross to describe and usually covered in mold).
(3) I'm never able to get those last two or three specs into the dustpan. I always end up using a damp cloth to wipe up those evil lingerers!

So, what are your truths of housekeeping?

-Hyattsville Mom

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