Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer Movies

Summer is always a great time for movies. But, with tickets costing $8 or $9, just for matinees, it can get expensive to take the entire family to the movies. So, it's always fun to take a look at some of the cheaper ways to see movies. Here are two of my favorites:

Summer  Movie Series:
Haven't seen a lot of movies in the past year? Catch up during the summer! Lots of places offer free or reduced price older (as in, came out within the previous year and are now on DVD) movies. The city of Hyattsville is offering free movies in the park this summer. Also, National Harbor has a free evening movie series (however, be wary of the "free" part because parking is very expensive, and they don't have weekend discounted parking or cheaper street parking available). Regal Cinemas is offering older films for a $1 per person this summer through it's Summer Movie Express program. Screen on the Green, DC's outdoor free movie series on the National Mall, also returned this summer.

Discount Days:
Lots of movie theaters have days that are discounted. For example, Greenbelt's Academy 8 Theater offers $5 Tuesdays, where every film is just $5 all day long. This is great, and I try to catch new films at the Greenbelt theater, so I can see them cheaper. If you've got friends or relatives in Fairfax County that you'd like to visit, check out the University Mall Theatres. They offer $2 Tuesdays, where every movie is just $2 on Tuesdays. This theater has movies that are in the end of their first run (for example, right now it has Thor, the Hangover II, Rio and Judy Moody). This theater only works if you're already going to be in Fairfax County. Otherwise, the cost of gas to get out there mitigates any savings--at least if you live on the Maryland side.

What are your favorite ways to see movies on the cheap?

-Hyattsville Mom

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