Friday, July 22, 2011

All that AND a bag of ice cream!

Well, you've heard the expression, "It was all that AND a bag of chips." Well, today, I give you all that (as in the UPDATED CALENDAR!) AND a bag of ice cream! 

Actually, I'm not literally giving you a bag of ice cream.  That's very bad--giving people ice cream. It's sort of like how you shouldn't give people fish. I wouldn't want you to have ice cream for just one day! So, instead, I'll teach you how to make ice cream, so you can have it whenever you want.

But, first the calendar. There are lots of fun events,  including Mars Day at the Air & Space Museum in D.C. today. So, please peruse what's there and find something fun to do in the coming days.

Now, onto ice cream.  Since it's so hot outside, it's a great time for ice cream. I have a little recipe that you can use to make ice cream with your kids. The wonderful thing is it doesn't require an ice cream churn, it gives the kids a chance to run around a little, and it only makes about a scoop full for each kid (so no gluttony issues).

Hyattsville Mom's Heatwave Ice Cream Fun Recipe

-2 ounces Milk, cream, or half-and-half (whatever floats your boat or whatever's in the fridge; cream makes creamier ice cream than milk; milk makes icier ice cream than cream.)
-1 tsp Sugar
-Vanilla extract, fruits or chocolate syrup

You will need:
-Quart ziptop bag
-Gallon ziptop bag
-Old newspaper or cheap rolled paper

What to do:
(1) Give each person who wants ice cream a quart and gallon ziptop bag.
(2) Open the quart bag
(3) Add 2 ounces of milk, cream or half-and-half
(4) Add 1 tsp sugar
(5) Add a dash of vanilla extract or a 1/2 teaspoon of chocolate syrup, or a spoonful of the fruit you desire (this step is basically the flavor of your ice cream; if you want strawberry ice cream, cut up a strawberry and add it now; chocolate, use the chocolate syrup; vanilla, use the vanilla)
(6) Seal the bag and shake it up so everything gets mixed.
(7) Open the gallon bag and put in enough ice to fill it halfway
(8) Place SEALED quart ziptop bag inside gallon bag of ice (center it so ice surrounds quart bag)
(9) Sprinkle 5 ounces of salt on top of ice.
(10) Seal the gallon bag tight so ice and quart bag are sealed in, but not extra air.
(11) Wrap gallon ziptop bag in newsprint or plain roll paper, give it to your kids and tell them to roll it around and shake it for five minutes.
(12) After five minutes, unwrap, unzip, pull out the the quart bag and pour your scoop of ice cream into a bowl.
(13) Eat, and enjoy. You've worked hard to make it!

Have a great weekend.

-Hyattsville Mom

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