Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hungry? Me, too

Asian Salad from Yummy!
Hey there! Hope all is well with you.

Short post today. One, the hubby is well and going to work today. The vomiting all stopped (yippee) Tuesday night. Wednesday was recuperatory, and he was easy to take care of as all his tummy would handle was crackers and sports drinks.

I, however, was hungry! And a friend of mine pointed me to a totally cool website with tasty, yummy recipes:  Just the name of the site, Nourishing Meals, makes me salivate. Everything looks tasty and nutritious. And, even better, if you scroll down the left sidebar, they have a cool subsection called Summer Recipes. This is excellent because it's nice to have recipes that fit the summer weather and require little oven use (so they don't heat up the house).

Well, that's it for me today. Catch you tomorrow.

Hyattsville Mom

Happening today: Margie Lynch, the Bubble Lady at the Beltsville library. For more information, visit:  Check out our calendar for cool items to do around town.

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