Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Wednesday: Underworlds

"Isn't it supposed to be Book Tuesday?" you ask. Alright, alright, I can't slide anything past my wylie audience. 

Yes indeedy, it is supposed to be Book Tuesday. However,  Book Tuesday was thrown off by my husband, who was home sick, vomiting most of the day. The kids and I actually fled (vomit is vomitrocious, as Muffy Crosswire [from Arthur] would say) for the morning [we had some planned stuff at the library to do, but I was glad to be away from the sounds of retching and vomiting that seemed to carry through the house].  However, when we returned, we brought our love and tender care, as well as Pedialyte popsicles and Gatorade, which eventually went down and stopped any hydration issues.

As such, it's Tuesday night about 11:45 pm, and I'm just getting around to writing this, and I suspect it will be after midnight (hence Book Wednesday) when I finish.

Today's mention is a great new series from Tony Abbott: Underworlds. The children's author is probably most famous for his Secrets of Droon series, which includes almost 50 books (44 to be exact, if you believe Wikipedia; and this late at night, I tend to be pretty trusting of the site).  

A couple people told me my kids would love Droon. They didn't. Though, this may just have been a reflection on the time of life they were in, or personal tastes, or something more nebulous that I'll never figure out (though, truthfully, I didn't analyze the situation too deeply; I mean, who has time for that kind of analysis? I'm sure it's a great series; just wasn't for us). 

However, my son started reading the new Underworlds series a couple months ago and loves it. There are currently two published books in the series: Underworlds 1: The Battle Begins and Underworlds 2: When Monsters Escape. The series is for kids 7 and older and follows a trio of friends who get immersed into a magical world of ancient mythical creatures and gods when their friend, Dana, disappears into the floor of the school in front of their very eyes. The books is action-packed from page 1. I know, because I happened to pick up the book to see what my son was reading and thought, "Wow, this is good!" Also, it's nice that the book gives kids exposure to many of the famous creatures from varying cultural myths, including Greek, Roman, Norse and Egyptian.

The third book in the series, Revenge of the Scorpion King, is due out in August.  So, if your kids are looking for an exciting chapter book to read, check this one out. It would also be fun as a bedtime chapter book to read aloud to kids.

That's it for today. Hopefully, tomorrow (and today for that matter) will be less vomitrocious than the not-so-book-Tuesday.

-Hyattsville Mom

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