Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beaten by the Heat!

I know they say you gotta beat the heat when it's this hot out. But, I totally feel like I've been beaten by the heat.

My a/c is working overtime but it's still overwhelmingly hot. If it would just cool off at night, I'd feel better. But, lows in the 80s with 60 percent humidity just don't cut it.

We've been doing some hanging out at the libraries--there's usually a fun activity going on at some library, or at least a nice book to read. We've gone swimming, and turned on the sprinkler here at home. We've also been heading to the movies (Greenbelt Academy 8 is just $5 before noon and $5 all day on Tuesdays). And I've even taken the kids to a bounce place once or twice this summer (check out Joyful Jumps' Facebook page; they often have deals; Monday's deal was $5 per kid; almost half the regular price).

So, what do you guys do to beat the heat? Or are you feeling just as beaten as me?

-Hyattsville Mom

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