Saturday, June 25, 2011

Building Museum - Last Free Days

Just a quick reminder: this weekend is the last weekend the  National Building Museum will be free!

If you haven't been, you should definitely go and check it out. We're going to stop in this weekend because it's a really fun place to take the kids.

The yearlong family membership is $80. We're considering getting one, but we haven't made a final decision yet. We've not been at all this year. And I don't want to buy a membership we're not going to use. But, if you like doing things in DC, it's probably a membership worth having, as it's a really fun place to go.

So, again, check it out in one of it's last free days, if you've never been. You might find you want to go back again! This is the museum's website:

Have a great weekend!

-Hyattsville  Mom.

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