Friday, August 24, 2012

Movie Review: Thunderstruck

If you're a Kevin Durant fan, Thunderstruck is the movie for you!

If not, then you may want to wait 'til this one hits DVD.

Thunderstruck is, essentially, a big ad for Kevin Durant, the star forward of the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

In the film, KD (as he is also known) plays his wonderful, great basketball playing self. Taylor Gray stars as Brian Newall, the klutzy kid, who despite hours of practice can never shoot a basketball in the hoop. KD and Brian meet when Brian gets picked for the half-time show's half-court ball toss. Make a basket from half court and you win $20K. Brian, of course, flubs it big time, but KD signs his ball and Brian walks away with the star's powers.

Well, KD hits a slump and Brian becomes the star of his team.  Even though KD practices relentlessly, he is unable to improve his game. Brian, doing nothing, plays wonderfully, and is so popular as the star of the team that he forgets about his best friend and alienates his girlfriend. 

KD's agent, Alan, figures out what happened, and tries to get the powers switched back. But, will they figure it out in time for KD to help his team make the playoffs? Well, I'm sure you've seen enough of these type of movies to figure out the answer. 

The film is fairly likable for what it is. KD comes off as a nice guy, though a bit stiff acting. This is fine because he's playing himself and we know his talent lies at the hoop, not as an actor. The film is only 98 minutes, but at times--in the middle, when Brian is becoming a superstar--like it's dragging.

For parents out there who see messages in every movie, there is one that you might not like in this one. It's the message that irked my husband a lot:  hard work is meaningless. Neither KD nor Brian improved their game with hard work. Both were utter failures when trying to improve Brian's game with hard work. And that just doesn't seem fair.

Thunderstruck hits theaters today.

 Next week, I'll have a Friday roundup and updated calendar. It's been a hectic week with the start of school.

Have a great weekend!

-Hyattsville Mom

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