Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shopping Etiquette

I was at the store the other day waiting in line with a cart full of groceries. The man behind me in line had one item and he says to me, "I just have one thing; Can I go in front?"

Now, I totally agree with the saying that you can't get it if you don't ask for it, so I can't fault the guy for asking, per se, but his demeanor (which was one of entitlement) should have told me to say no. However, I figured, I don't have anywhere to go and he must if he's asking, so I said, OK.

The guy doesn't even say thanks. Then, when the woman who is in front of me finishes, he proceeds to do a lengthy return. The cashier had to call someone from customer service over to do it. Excuse me! While he technically just had one item, it was a long and complicated thing.  Why didn't he just go to the customer service desk to begin with? This was Trader Joe's and they tend to be pretty friendly, so I'm sure they would have helped him.

I regretted saying yes, as I thought it was a jerk move to pretend like you'd be quick when you knew you had something complicated to do. Was I just in foul humor or am I right, here? What is the line etiquette? I'll say this much, I think I'm going to require more of an explanation than, I've just got one thing. Tell me you're late to pick up your kids. Tell me you're going to miss an important meeting. Then, maybe. And of course, say those magic words your mama taught you years ago. Or the words she shoulda taught you (Thank you!).

That's it for today.

--Hyattsville Mom

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