Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Tuesday: Rainbow Fairies are Fun Read for Kids

Book 1 of series

Well, it's Tuesday again (funny thing how this day just keeps coming back to us :)

Anyway, that means it's time to talk books. This week, I thought I'd mention the Rainbow Fairies. This is a series of books my daughter loves. The books follow two human girls, Rachel and Kirsty, on their adventures helping fairies. The first set of books, has the girls helping find the actual rainbow fairies. In subsequent book series, Rachel and Kirsty help the fairies find magical objects that have been lost in the human world.

The books are lots of fun for kids to read themselves, and also serve as a nice introduction to chapter books of the type you can read aloud to your kids.

Now, if your child is able to read these books on their own, this is a perfect series. If you are going to read them to your child, then I must caution that the series feels never ending. There are tons of these books. There are Rainbow fairies, Petal fairies, Night fairies, Popstar fairies, Dance fairies, Fun Day  fairies, Weather fairies, Music fairies and Magical Animal fairies.  So, be prepared to do a lot of reading to your kid if she likes them. And I say she because these skew way feminine. Not to say boys don't like them, but I don't think this is in the sweetspot for most boys.

In addition to the books, the rainbow fairies have a website: http://www.rainbowmagiconline.com.  It has games, printable coloring pages, and other stuff for your avid rainbow fairy fan. They typically have lots of the books at library, and they're quite popular, according ton one of the children's librarian's I spoke with.

The Rainbow Fairy series is by Daisy Meadows (a pseudonym for the four authors who write the series). In addition to the library, you can find the books at most major bookstores.

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