Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seeking low-radiation, long-lasting, really smart, and not opposed to being dropped occassionally

Yes, I'm in the market for a new cell phone. My most recent cell phone has been a dud. Yes, Samsung M920 (also known as the Transform) has really sucked, in my experience. Now,  I freely admit I've dropped this puppy on a few occasions, but I contend even brand new it never worked particularly great. (If you've had a great experience with this phone, wonderful, but I've not).

So, now that my contract is set to expire and my phone is constantly telling me that the "phone application has stopped working," I'm in the market for something new and well,  BETTER.

I'm seeking a phone with low radiation. (You can check your phone's radiation level here: The lower the number, the better.  I don't even consider phones in excess of 1.) The problem is a lot of the touted phones (newer iphones, for example) are high radiation, so I have limited choices.  I also want a phone that's smart. Really smart. One where the phone is hardwired, not an app, not prone to suddenly crashing. And I want a decent battery life. You know, enough to go on my kid's fieldtrip and not have to turn it off three hours in, fearing the battery will die and I won't be able to make a call if there's an emergency.

Finally, I have kids. And I often am trying to do 5 or 6 things at once with only two hands, so I need a phone that can withstand the occasional dropping. Withstanding frequent dropping would be a real plus.  But, does such a phone exist? I don't know. I'm on the hunt. I'll let you know what I find.

-Hyattsville Mom


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  2. Jen, I appreciate all comments. However, I like to avoid solicitations. Thanks.