Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm Baaack!

I know it's been awhile, but I'm back.

Took a blogging break for that little thing we call life (or perhaps that little thing called having enough hours in the day to blog, take care of the fam, and be happy).

As it were, it seems summer is upon us, so I thought I'd start my blog again with what's on tap for summer. Does anyone have any exciting plans?

For me, we're going on a couple of trips to see family--back to Illinois to see mine and then down to the Outer Banks to hang with my husband's. Then the kids have 4 weeks of camp, and then...summer's over. Yep, it's short this year. The kids start back up June 22.  However, I'm hoping to get in a few trips to local attractions even over our short break.  High on the list are: Museum of National History (my kids LOVE the Morgie movie), the Hirshhorn (there's a wishing tree in the lower level of the sculpture garden outside the museum; and my kids LOVE to make wishes on that tree), the National Aquarium (dolphins; enough said), the Playseum (play; enough said); and Six Flags.

So, what are your must do summer activities?

Catch you later.

-Hyattsville Mom

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