Monday, May 30, 2011

Short Summer

Back in March, I signed up my children for two, two-week sessions of camp. The camp they're attending offered four two-week sessions. So, I figured by only signing them up for two of those sessions, I'd have lots of time to spend doing fun things with the kids.

I was wrong!

I just sat down to try to figure out what we'd do with our free time. And I realized we don't really have any. We're taking  two weeks to visit family and my son asked to do a week of half-day basketball camp, which we agreed to. And now, there's no time left in summer. Bummer!

PG County schools don't end until June 17 and restart on Aug. 22. That's just under two full months of summer break. It's so little time. I really wish we had more time away from school so the kids could really get a break. These short short summers are no good.

What do you folks out there think? Is the summer break (based on county school calendar) just right, too short, or too long?

-Hyattsville Mom

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