Thursday, May 26, 2011

How's your summer planning?

I'm in the thick of planning what to do this summer. Or, more accurately, how to fit it all in this summer.

With PG county schools not getting out until June 17, and returning to school on Aug. 22, the kids have less than two months off. I thought I'd go light by only signing them up for two, 2-week sessions of camp. However, now that we're going on two week-long trips to visit family,  it looks like now that's pretty much the bulk of their summer gone.

I have a lot less to plan for. I was thinking of going to the museums, or maybe event six flags a couple of times, but now I've got to figure out when to squeeze it in. Kids--and parents--definitely need a longer break.

So, how's your summer planning going? Any unexpected surprises--good or bad?

Hyattsville Mom

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